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かぐや君麻呂 // Kaguya Kimimaro

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January 7th, 2007

11:24 pm - [OOC] Kimimaro's Relationships
A list of everyone that Kimimaor knows and knew. There's not much to look at...

...he's very antisocial at this point.Collapse )

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September 27th, 2006

11:07 pm - 1.
Those fools at the brothel must think that my mind is as defective as my body. They were supposed to give me ten percent of what they've earned to deliver to Orochimaru. And unless they done unusually badly this month, then I know that what they actually gave me is less than seven.

But they did the same last month, and the month before. If they were capable of doing that badly... and for three months in a row, no less... Orochimaru would not continue to have them around. And on top of that, the moment that they think I'm out of earshot, they insult me... I believe one of them called me a "skinny-assed punk." This upsets me, but it isn't my place to reprimand them... I'll leave that to Orochimaru.

And when I tell him that they've shortchanged him again I'm sure he will.

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September 2nd, 2006

11:19 pm - Kimimaro's Bio
A summary of Kimimaro's life, up until the start of the game.

Behind the cut.Collapse )

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